Dum and Dummer 2 Vinyl

    Product Description:
    2xLP, Widespine Jacket
    Black Vinyl


    Side A

    1. Penguins
    2. What u see is what u get
    3. Aspen
    4. In GLOCK we trust
    5. Cheat Code

    Side B

    1. Coordinate
    2. I'm The Type
    3. Case Closed
    4. I Can Show You
    5. RAIN RAIN

    Side C

    1. Somethin' Else
    2. Yeeh Yeeh
    3. Buddy Love
    4. Nintendo
    5. Sleep With The Roaches

    Side D

    1. Move Around
    2. Hashtag
    3. Pot Of Gold
    4. A Goat & A Dolphin
    5. Dummest & the Dummest


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